Episode 5: Blizzard Camping & "Ugly Babies"

Blizzard Window

Episode 5: Blizzard Camping & "Ugly Babies"

Week three of a winter plague has hit the house right along with the blizzard of the century (so far). We've been scrambling to keep life moving forward despite being snowed in, and have spent lots of time creating. We've had four days of snowbound solitude, sledding and working on projects. It's apartment camping at its finest.

Dan has been writing - a complete surprise to  Susan - and is developing the start of a story. It's a refreshing and exciting creative process. The liberating part is that it doesn't have to become anything, and so Dan can just develop it without any pressure. Dan sees the story in mental pictures, like a movie, and is translating the images into words. He won't let Susan read it, because it's an "ugly baby" and it's too early to share the idea publicly. Dan explains the ugly baby theory and why it's a fitting description of where he is in the creative process. He is particularly excited because writing has always been a block for him, so this is an intriguing new outlet.

Susan has been weaving on the tapestry loom she received at Christmas. She's working on a weaving for the kiddo's room. Before the blizzard, she bought a bunch of Vanna White (of Wheel of Fortune fame) yarn that was on sale at the local craft store.  She's also mixing in some crazy handspun yarns that weren't great for knitting, but are perfect "ugly baby" yarns for weaving. They add instant visual interest and texture to the piece. She's also using wool roving to add even more texture. 

Susan talks about how much she's loving the part in which starting a new craft has opened a whole new rabbit hole of creative thinking and inspiration - spinning, dyeing, texture, color. 

Dan's biggest challenge has been work craziness, but he's excited to start a new photographic exploration of boats and boating, and the maritime culture in Annapolis, Maryland.

Susan's biggest challenge is the plague that hit the house. And limited time, late meetings, and the ongoing effort to achieve work-life-creativity balance. She started a journal to capture ideas before the leave her brain since she doesn't have the time to start them.

There's a lively discussion of creativity and control in the design process.

Dan's inspirations for this week are boats and creating the perfect villain.  Susan is inspired to finish her weaving and has ideas for the next one too. She's inspired to pick up her spinning again, making all the components of the weaving - slowing down the creative process.