Episode 6: New Gig, New Perspectives


EPISODE 6: New Gig, New Perspectives

And we're back… after life threw some curveballs. Susan started a new job and needed some time to get her brain refocused on creativity. Dan took spring break off to hang out with the kiddo and go flying with his dad. Lots of running around doing parent stuff.

Dan is working on his boat photo project and battling the unpredictable Maryland spring weather. And the father of our daughter's classmate has suggested that Dan give him private lessons in how to use his photo equipment. So, Dan will see if that goes anywhere.

Susan is still making space for creativity, despite the new job. The key is waking up at the crack of dawn to find the time. She finished her brother's Big Bad Socks of Doom that had been lingering since Christmas. The brother liked them, which is good, because he has huge feet. Susan also finished a sweater that had been sitting unfinished for a year. She's also cast on a new pair of socks and a new weaving. She is really excited about weaving with handspun, especially at 5 am before work. 

Susan started seeds for the garden this year. She is remembering her favorite quote from a Martha Stewart magazine a zillion years ago: "Gardening is the slowest of the performing arts." Susan really likes Margaret Roach - the former editor of Martha Stewart Living - who now has a great gardening podcast and written a few memoirs. Susan feels that gardening is creative, but it's very slow. But the excitement of spring is still very cool. 

Susan also took a soap making class at Make Studio in Manhattan. It was fun, kinda hipster - boutique, free range artisanal soap. It needs to cure before it can be used. But it smells good.

Time is still the biggest challenge to incorporating creativity into everyday life. Brain Clutter. Dan is still writing and planning his boat project, but mostly he's unfocused between projects and not sure what his next step will be. Dan has started a second writing project, but doesn't want to share it (another "ugly baby"). 

Discussion about JK Rowling and the Harry Potter stories popping into her head one day on the train. 

Dan is inspired by flying with his dad, reminded about how different the perspective is from up above. It's really different than being in a commercial aircraft. Susan wants to plan a trip to London so that Dan can experience sitting in the front seat of the top deck of a double-decker bus. Just for comparison. 

Susan is excited about connecting with a community of creative people. She has found another local mom who knits. She has also changed how she engages with people online, on Instagram and developing a rapport through online interactions. Susan is just putting her work out there online and experiencing how that shifts her own perspective on her work and creative expression. Sharing publicly is new and shifts the experience of the creating. 

Susan read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. A great read about being open to growth. Susan has found that sharing her process and opening herself up for criticism is transformational in some way that doesn't have a full description. 

Susan also read Knitlandia by Clara Parkes. A travel memoir about knitting. A great read by an award-winning travel writer that shed light on the knitting world. A very entertaining read. Susan is planning vacations for someday when she has time off again.

Dan is going to keep working on his boat project, especially now that the weather is getting nicer. He may take a woodworking class or an online figure drawing class. Needs to find a place to just do these things. Susan is drawn to the ancient quality of weaving and the timelessness of the craft. She's enjoying playing with color and materials. Now that her injury seems to be getting better, she's hoping to start spinning again. And impatiently waiting for her plants to grow.